Why Vegan


Lower rate of obesity among vegetarians/vegans than meat eaters

Americans already eat more than enough protein

No cholesterol and very little fat which is great for heart health. Instead I consume more fiber and antioxidants.  I was born with congenital heart disease so I have to take care of my body, especially my heart.

Reduces the risk of developing cancer.

Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

So you don’t think I’m taking my sources from bias places, I added a non-pro-vegetarian websites. My main reasons are health.  The saving animals part is another main part but the reason I switched is health. Now as I research I’m more and more sure of my choice.

Disclaimer: If done right. You can eat oreos and coco puffs and still be vegan. I mean eating mostly fruits and vegetables, with grains.



Animal Rights

I believe that no animal should be treated badly. I also believe that God didn’t put the animals on the earth for us to eat but he put them on earth for us to take care of them. Genesis 2:15, “Yahweh God took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden to cultivate and take care of it.” We are supposed to take care of his creation. Factory farming is doing the opposite. Destroying his creatures and the entire world.

2 thoughts on “Why Vegan

  1. I wish there were many more like who who understands the tenets of the Bible. People eat meat/fish because of attachment and conditioning. Sad…But I’m glad there are many many more coming to the understanding that there are alternative ways of getting protein. I’m almost 20 years plant-based vegetarian. Wishing you well 🙂

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