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Why I Won’t Cook Meat

My mom has been trying to get me to apply to fast food restaurants. I’ve applied to some restaurants but not to others. The main reason is that some has separate applications for cooks, others you do everything. I don’t mind serving meat or ringing up the order. It’s the cooking that’s the problem. Here’s why.

  1. I can’t stand the smell. Seriously it smells like rotting flesh. I gag every time someone in my house cooks it. Why would I want to put myself though that on a daily basis?
  2. It’s against my morals. I’m not vegan because I hate the taste of meat (honestly I love the gardein products, except their fish). I’m vegan because I have an issue with the morals of eating meat. You wouldn’t force a muslim to cook pork so why would you want to force a vegan to cook meat?

I’d rather not work at any establishment that serves meat but sometimes that’s not 100% plausible.

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We Were Born Vegan

No one was rooting for the hunter in Bambi. Everyone was rooting for the chickens to escape in Chicken Run. Everyone wanted Babe to live.

Inherently, we root for the animals to survive. We understand veganism from a young age. Little kids pet animals and care for them. They don’t automatically kill an animal after they see one. It’s when we get brainwashed into thinking that the meatballs we’re eating isn’t actually that turkey you thought was cute or the chicken you wanted to escape in Chicken Run.


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Vegan at Meijer

Some of the vegan things you can find at Meijer, a grocery store chain in the United States.

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First Vegan Easter

How was your Easter? Ours was pretty low-key. Just stayed at home with the parents and grandma and didn’t invite any other relatives over. Technically this is my “first” Easter as a vegan. Last year I was in Rome so didn’t make anything for Easter as my dinner was pasta. (Which was amazing!)

I accidentally bought some non-vegan candy. My bad. But got some vegan candy as well.

Enjoy this VLOG! And be sure to follow me on Youtube for more VLOGS.

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Eating Dogs and Cats it’s an Outrage!!!

Dear meat eaters who are against eating cats and dogs,

It’s an outrage. At least that’s what it seems like. People are against other cultures eating cats and dogs. I’m against that too. But you know what I’m also against? Eating pig, and cow, and chicken.

How is it that people who are against eating dogs are not against eating pigs. Both are sentiment beings that could become pets. Both are smart. Both like to cuddle. And both want to live.

But for some reason eating cat and dog are horrible things to do but eating pigs are normal. Maybe instead hiding one horrible thing with culture and “that’s how we’ve always done it”, we should think of reasons why both are horrible and stop them.

“That’s how we’ve always done it” is a horrible reason to do something. Sex trafficking, slavery, racism. I mean that’s how we’ve always done it so why change? You would say that it’s ridiculous. But is it? It’s the same logic you use.

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Recent VLOGS/What I Eat in a Day

Made a few vlogs on my Youtube channel!

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Either for human rights or for animal rights?!?

A lot of my prolife friends and/or organizations that I follow are posting about the animals rights advocates being able to videotape cruelty and the government is doing something about it and how prolife advocates do the same and are criminalized. I  get there is a problem. But….

Then there are people who say things like.. “People who value animal’s lives over humans, that’s called veganism.” Um actually one can be against many injustices all at once. One can be against human trafficking and elderly abuse. One can be against abortion and eating animals. Just because you are against mistreating one group doesn’t mean you are for mistreating another. This is an either/or fallacy. You either are for/against this or are for/against this. Both can’t apply.

Why can’t everyone be against killing and mistreating every being because every being’s life matters.

Disclaimer: Yes I agree that if I had to make the choice to save a human or an animal I would save the human every time. But we don’t have to make that choice. Not eating meat isn’t going to automatically kill a human being.