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A Woman’s Thoughts on the Women’s March

Didn’t realize that the Women’s March was today until I got home from work and logged onto Instagram. All of the celebrities that I follow were posting about it.

What exactly do men have that woman don’t? I, as a woman, can vote, hold office, drive, work in whatever field I want, get an education, raise a family, stay single, live on my own, get a divorce… the list goes on.

In the 1920’s the woman’s marches were valid. It gave woman equal rights and gave them a chance to vote. But now, in America, we have all the rights that men have. Including the right to kill our own children. (Which is an entirely different topic.)

So instead we should be focusing on the woman in other countries that don’t have the rights we do.

  1. There are over 20 countries that don’t allow girls to get an education or restrict the education for women. Only 10 percent of girls in Chad even have elementary school education. In Turkey it is believed that women do not need education and it would spoil their daughters for marriage.
  2. There are 32 countries where a woman needs her husband/father’s permission to obtain a passport.
  3. In Israel a woman needs her husband’s permission to get a divorce.

And yet, we are marching for what?


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