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Vegans Stop Attacking Each Other

“She’s not a real vegan she posted that she went to Buffalo Wild Wings.” “You eat fast food, You fund the meat/dairy/egg industry.” “She doesn’t post animal rights stuff all over her online profile. She’s not a vegan.”

I’ve unfriended a vegan  group because of this particular reason. Vegans who think they are so entitled that they can dictate to other vegans why they aren’t “vegan enough”. This is why vegans have a bad name. There is no cookie cutter for what a vegan should look/act like. Vegans eat at Buffalo Wild Wings with friends and eats just a salad to show that vegans can be reasonable and not jerks. Vegans don’t post animal rights stuff all over their page because they want people to be surprised that they are vegan and not a complete a-hole. Not saying that you can’t post all over your page. Activist comes in many shapes and sizes. Personally I have influenced people not by shoving my beliefs down their throats but by living like a normal person who just happens to not eat animals. Lead by example.

There are many ways to be vegan. Junk food vegan, activist vegan, whole foods vegan, vegan who grows their own food. You don’t even have to fit into any of these molds. Show veganism in your own light. How you want to.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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