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My Health is None of Your Business

Today someone asked me, “Is it really healthy to be that skinny?” Um… What kind of question is that? Would it be ok for me to ask someone, “Is it really healthy to be that fat?” No. It wouldn’t. Because someone’s health is nobodies business, unless they choose to tell you. Maybe someone is skinny because they are sick, have anxiety, or just a fast metabolism. Either way if the person doesn’t tell you these things you have no idea. You can’t tell someone’s health by looking at them. I mean you can tell if you see that a person eats nothing but candy and pop but other than that you can’t tell exactly what a person’s health is. Skinny, fat, in-between. Everyone has their own health stories. Each unique.

Yes. I’m skinny. I’ve always been skinny. More now since I’ve been fighting with anxiety over the past few years. This makes me not have an appetite. This, in addition to my already fast metabolism means that I’m at the lower end of “normal” BMI. But still in normal. Even if I wasn’t in normal it’s none of your business. It’s my business, my doctor’s business and nobodies else’s business.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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