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I’ve applied to a 100 jobs, maybe not but it feels like it, sent emails, had interviews. And nothing. I graduated almost a year ago, will be a year in September with a degree in Communications. It shouldn’t be that hard to find something. Right?

I know the economy is bad but a lot of my friends already have full time jobs after graduating before me or at the same time as me. It took them maybe a few months. But I’m still living at my parents spending my days applying for jobs, bing watching shows (currently I’m on Pretty Little Liars but the next episode isn’t until Tuesday and the show’s almost over. I just hope A isn’t like Ted or something), and trying not to die from being bored.

Talked to one of my friends from college earlier in the week and he’s going through the same thing, so I’m not entirely alone. But still. I long for some meaning in my life. To make a difference, have a meaningful career and to move out of my parents house.

I interviewed for a job I really want. Like really want. They said that they really liked my interview/ my personality and wanted me to send them writing samples and they’ll get back to me by the beginning of the week, which I did. Haven’t heard from them. Not sure at what point I should email them asking about it. Ok. So it’s not a job per say but it is a year long service project (paid with free housing). This way I’ll have something to do for the next year as well as some actually experience. And I wouldn’t have to pay rent and move out. A win win. You know if I get the job.

I’m still applying. Send out 5 applications and 3 emails yesterday. And about the same amount the day before that. And the day before that. I’ve even applied to stores and restaurants. But no, can’t get a job there either. I worked as a waitress at a retirement home for 2 years, I have serving experience. It shouldn’t be that hard to get something at a retirement home.

Anyone else in the same boat?


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4 thoughts on “Lost

  1. What job are you willing to take to pay the bills and become independent from your parents house untill the one you want becomes available?
    It’s not always about waiting it out with no job, depending on others until you get the job that fits what you want or were educated for.
    And please don’t take offense at this. It’s not meant to be offensive to you. Adulthood is about being self responsible and Independants. Able to provide for yourself. The next step is to just go forward. Get the job you can get and keep working from there on applying for the job you want. Good luck and welcome to the party. -kia


    1. Agreed. That’s why I’ve applied to pretty much every fast food, sit down restaurant, nursing home and store in this town and still nothing. At this point anything will suffice.

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      1. We will be praying. It’s tough starting out, but you did a great thing by completing your college education. Congrats and I know you’ll do great. Takes time and hope. All the best


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