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Problem with Vegans – Common Arguments

I normally love Roaming Millennial’s videos. So when I saw this video I thought that maybe I’d get some logical responses. But no. It was the same old responses I’ve heard many times before. (Disclaimer: This isn’t a hate post; and don’t go spreading hate on her channel.)

Here is a breakdown of her video.

  1. Animals are not intelligent enough, therefore we can eat them.
  2. Vegans are pushy.
  3. Vegans have nutritional problems and are lying when they say that a vegan diet is healthy for you.
  4. And there are health benefits from eating meats; some nutrients that vegans have to supplement.

Animals are not intelligent enough. I’ve heard this argument time and time again. She then starts talking about how dogs are intelligent and pigs are as intelligent as dogs. I don’t think your worth should be determined by how intelligent you are. There are people who are less intelligent because of a medical condition. Babies are not that intelligent either. So with her logic, and the logic of some non-vegans, we should be able to legally kill and eat them. A person’s worth should be based on the fact that person can suffer not on if that person can solve a complicated math problem.

Vegans are pushy and should shut up about their beliefs. Vegans are “pushy” because we see an injustice. So we should shut up every time we see an injustice like racism or slavery because it might hurt the feelings of the racists or slave owners?

Vegans have nutritional problems. She cherry picked studies. The study she used compared vegetarians and meat eaters. Vegetarians are not vegans. It also was based on people self reporting what they ate. It also didn’t say exactly what the vegetarians ate. If the vegetarian ate nothing but cheese and eggs then yes, they wouldn’t have better health than the meat eaters.

Vegans need B-12, therefore we need to eat meat. For starters livestock are supplemented with B-12. B-12 comes from bacteria not from meat. And if I had the choice between supplementing with B-12 or harming an animal.  I would take the B-12 supplement. There are plenty of non-vegans who need B-12 supplements as well. This isn’t an entirely vegan problem. According to Google more than 3 million people require B-12 supplements in the United States. Only about 1 million people in the US are vegan.


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