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Either for human rights or for animal rights?!?

A lot of my prolife friends and/or organizations that I follow are posting about the animals rights advocates being able to videotape cruelty and the government is doing something about it and how prolife advocates do the same and are criminalized. I  get there is a problem. But….

Then there are people who say things like.. “People who value animal’s lives over humans, that’s called veganism.” Um actually one can be against many injustices all at once. One can be against human trafficking and elderly abuse. One can be against abortion and eating animals. Just because you are against mistreating one group doesn’t mean you are for mistreating another. This is an either/or fallacy. You either are for/against this or are for/against this. Both can’t apply.

Why can’t everyone be against killing and mistreating every being because every being’s life matters.

Disclaimer: Yes I agree that if I had to make the choice to save a human or an animal I would save the human every time. But we don’t have to make that choice. Not eating meat isn’t going to automatically kill a human being.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Either for human rights or for animal rights?!?

  1. Distinction: humans are animals. Animal advocacy doesn’t discriminate between species, but human advocacy does. I think most will agree that exploitation of another sentient being for pleasure alone is ethically questionable. Vegans just extend the line beyond humans, that’s all.


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