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What I Eat in a Day/Crockpot Minestrone Recipe

Breakfast 10:30am:

Bowl of grapes. There were more but ate them before picture.


Lunch 11:30am:

Aldi has a wide array of veggie burgers that is ever growing. It’s nice when they label things as vegan.


Snack 2:30pm:

Pita Chips from Aldi and celery with hummus.


Snack 5pm:

These cookies from Aldi are vegan. It’s nice to find accidentally vegan products and Aldi has a lot of them. Had one.


Snack 7pm:

Made minestrone soup in the crockpot but wasn’t quite done yet. Had a bowl of grapes, oranges and blueberries.


Dinner 7:30pm:

Threw kidney beans, sun dried diced tomatoes, tomato paste, corn, pasta and vegetable stock together. Took longer than I anticipated to make but it turned out amazingly.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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