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Feeling Lost

Looking through Facebook a lot of my friends my age or younger have full time jobs, live alone/with roommates, engaged, married and/or have kids. But I recently graduated from college (in September), still live at home, no full time or even part time job. I mean I’ve applied to graduate school and got in (now just to see what the financial situation will look like) and have been applying/interviewing for jobs but nothing substantial yet.

But it seems like everyone else has their lives on track but me. I don’t know what I want to do with my life, I’ve never been in a relationship or been on a date and I feel stuck. Like I’ll never move out, get a full time job, get married and/or have kids. I know that patience is a virtue and I’m sure God is trying to teach me something but I could learn patience while having a job or while I move forward.

Should it really take this long to move forward? This popped up on my Pinterest feed. I think it popped up for a reason, as a reminder that this isn’t my forever situation.




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