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Is Cage Free Better?

Cage free. I hear this all the time in commercials or on packaging. But is cage free really better? Or is a ploy from the animal agriculture industry to get people to eat meat/eggs and think they are doing it humanely?

According to the Humane Society, “Except for “certified organic,” the U.S. government does not set definitions or requirements for egg carton labels.” Meaning that an egg producer can put cage free on the egg carton and it doesn’t have to be 100 percent accurate.

Animals raised cage free do have slightly better conditions than caged but both still go through horrible conditions and are killed prematurely. Both have their beaks cut so they can’t peck at each other because of the high stress they endure. Which in turn makes it difficult for them to eat or drink.

Cage free hens are packed in a warehouse so tight where they are unable to move so not having cages aren’t really that better than being in a cage.

Both cage free and caged chickens go to the same slaughterhouses and are treated like profit making objects instead of animals.




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