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Patience and Trust

It’s been months since I’ve graduated college and I still can’t seem to get a job. Even one as a waitress or working at a store. I’ve had a few interviews but nothing. And I have to start repaying student loans in a month. YIKES!

Last month the third person who was writing a letter of recommendation for me for graduate school turned it in the day it was due. After not returning my emails for two weeks prior.

I think God is trying to teach me patience for some odd reason. I know that something will come up, I’ll get into graduate school and my life will be on track. But looking through my Facebook feed I find friends who have full time jobs post graduation, are married/engaged, and/or have children. I’m stuck living at home with no job and no relationship (or even a guy I’m remotely interested in.)

But it always comes through, usually at the last minute, but it comes through.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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