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Things I Can Do as a Woman in America in 2017

Things I can do as a woman in America in 2017

Have the opportunity to go to college. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, women are more likely to graduate from college than men.

Become whatever I want to be. Women succeed in business, media, journalism and science. There are women CEOs, women authors, women journalists, women scientists. I can get my master’s degree in library science and english if I want to. Then I can become a journalist, writer, librarian, english teacher or editor.

Earn as much money as a man. The 77 cents to a dollar wage gape is a huge myth. This is based on total incomes of all women and men. Not taking into account degrees, number of hours, job title, experience, taking time off to raise children. Women, on average, work less hours than men. Women, on average, do more humanities jobs than men. If you look at a man and a woman working in the same field, working the same amount of hours, and with the same experience they earn the same.

Choose to do whatever I want. I can choose to stay at home with the kids, I can choose to work full time, I can choose not to have children. There are many stay at home dads out there that allows their wives to work and continue their careers while they take care of the kids.

Wear what I want and not have to be escorted by men wherever I go. I can choose to dress modestly or I can choose to not. I can go to the grocery store, to school, to work and drive without a man in the car with me.

Watch movies starring independent single women. Moana came out in 2016 and has a very pro-woman feel. Moana doesn’t end up getting a man at the end of the movie and her main focus isn’t getting a man or being dependent on one. When I was younger the Disney movies like Snow White and The Little Mermaid were kindof demeaning to women, with quotes like, “It’s she who holds her tongue who gets a man.” But the more recent Princesses are not. (Note: Brave also stars an independent woman who fights for her own hand in marriage. Girl power!)

Things I shouldn’t get as a woman in America in 2017

Get free stuff. Want condoms or birth control? Get them yourself. If you can afford to go to Starbucks or have an iPhone you can afford to spend a few extra bucks on birth control.

Kill my children and make others pay for it regardless of their views.

If you want the government out of the bedroom wouldn’t you want the government not to pay for abortions and birth control? That what we want the government to do, get out of people’s bedrooms.

A lot of woman around the world have it much worse. Fight for their rights. Because those are rights. Fighting for free birth control and abortions is a privilege.

I am proud of the women’s movements back where we were not able to vote, work or get a divorce without the man’s permission. But now the “woman’s movement” isn’t fighting for rights because we, as women, are not deprived of anything. We are independent women and definitely not victims.


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