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Why I, a Woman, Am Not Supporting the Woman’s March

Going to the March for Life in Washington D.C next week, then to visit my dream school I applied for graduate school. (Going to double major in Library Science and English. Two of my favorite things; books and reading/writing.)

The Woman’s March is going on today. So is the San Fransisco March for Life but you wouldn’t know this because, although thousands of people showed up (was there last year), the media doesn’t cover it.

  1. I’m pro-life and a feminist. I believe that woman’s empowerment is not killing their offspring. The Woman’s March didn’t want New Wave Feminists (a pro-life feminists group) to be sponsored at the event. Or at least Planned Parenthood didn’t want it.
  2. I voted for Trump. Yes I know I’m a horrible woman for not voting for a woman and for voting for the racist woman hater that is Trump. Hilary covered up and threatened the woman who were raped by her husband. But I guess that doesn’t matter now does it.
  3. I believe that empowering woman doesn’t mean bringing other woman down. Especially if those woman happen to be pro-life and voted for Trump. I’m asked how can I be a feminist if I’m pro-life. Or told that I’m not a true feminist.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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