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Vegan Likes the Taste of Meat?!?!

What is up with people thinking I’m vegan because I don’t like the taste of meat/dairy/eggs? To be quite honest I like the taste. I’m vegan because I don’t want my taste buds to dictate my morals. This is why I regularly eat vegan versions of eggs/dairy/meat. Because I really enjoy the taste.

Here are some amazing brands to try:

  1. Gardein– Basically anything from this brand (except for the fish but I never liked the taste of fish.) They have pizza pockets, chicken strips, chicken patties, BBQ wings, ground “beef”, meatballs. This list can do on and on. (All products are vegan.)
  2. Morningstar– Not all of their products are vegan, which I don’t understand at all I mean they cut at least half of their potential clients. But nevertheless there are some products that are vegan. Mostly  their new ones so I hope this is a trend. The Progressive Options are vegan and so are the chik’n strips meal starters.
  3. Hampton Creek– I’ve just had their mayo but they have other products as well like cookie dough and salad dressings. I have yet to find their ranch dressing but really want to try it. (All products are vegan.)
  4. Follow Your Heart– The VeganEgg tastes just like eggs. It’s incredibly creepy. They have other products but I’ve never had them before.
  5. Daiya– Their frozen pizzas are to die for. And so are their mac and cheese. They have cheesecakes (that I really want to try) and shredded cheese that is great.
  6. Lenny & Larry’s– If you love cookies then you’ll love this brand. Their brownies are not vegan and neither are their muffins.

There are probably way more products out there but I’ve only had experience with these ones.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Likes the Taste of Meat?!?!

  1. Beyond meat has some great stuff too! My family doesn’t understand vegan either- when I said I went vegan before going home, my mom said okay- I’ll just make lasagna for dinner! I just shook my head and prepared to eat a salad.

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