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Skinny Does Not Equal Not Healthy

Read an article in Verily Magazine, normally I love the magazine and their positive articles. But one article in particular attempted to be positive but wasn’t. The title was “Here’s a Good Reason to Stop Trying to Get Thin.” Ok yes I think that no matter what your size you should own what you got. But the next line is the one that bothered me. “Health is one thing. No body fat is another.”

What?! Maybe I’m reading this wrong but it seems like you’re saying that no body fat=not healthy. You can be healthy with no body fat. You can be healthy with some body fat. Only your doctor can tell you if you are healthy or not.

Here are some more quotes from the article:

“In other words, you are not a failure for not having a thigh gap. More to the point: You are most likely not supposed to have a thigh gap.”

But what about women who don’t have a thigh gap, are they unhealthy then? Should I be trying to change my body to have a thigh gap?

“Female athletes who train too hard and don’t eat enough are at risk of not producing enough estrogen and can stop menstruating as a result (which may cause women to lose bone mass, too)”

Not all female athletes train too hard and starve themselves. There are plenty of female athletes who train (because it is part of their jobs) but eat right with the help of nutritionists. Yes there are ones who do but maybe say some female athletes train too hard and don’t eat enough but if you do it correctly you can be a female athlete and be healthy. But the ones who do train to hard and eat enough do it because there are society pressures to look a certain way. I see them all the time but I think that instead of this body acceptance movement that is going around have a new body acceptance movement where you don’t say anything negative about someone’s weight at all. No matter what they look like.

I’ve heard people throughout my life mention my weight, less now because finally I look like a women and not a child. Things like: you look like a boy, eat a sandwich, you look sickening, don’t you ever eat?, and, my personal favorite, when I decided to eat a salad that one time people say no wonder you are so skinny. Because all I do is eat salads all day and count my calories.

Society has been starting this body acceptance movement. Which is an amazing thing to do. Society has never been very nice to heavier set girls and they need something positive. But some of their “body acceptance” are tearing some women down. Songs like All About that Bass with lyrics like, “Yeah, my momma she told me don’t worry about your sizeShe says, boys they like a little more booty to hold at night.” It should be boys like you for who you are and not what you look like, if they do you should leave them because you don’t want that in your life.”  Excuse my attempt to write song lyrics. Or “I’m bringing booty backGo ahead and tell them skinny b-words that.” 

But then she says, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.” You know unless you happen to be naturally skinny.

Instead of putting skinny women down we should be lifting everyone up. That song would have been so much better if instead of putting down skinny women and saying that men like booty the song talks about how all women no matter their size are perfect the way they are and men should love you for who you are and not what you look like. But that’s another post for another day.


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5 thoughts on “Skinny Does Not Equal Not Healthy

  1. I think you have to allow for them to say things like that sometimes, because most of the world is disrespectful of larger people, and they are trying to make them cheer up about it. I agree that they shouldn’t dis anyone else in the process, but I don’t think they are.

    You quote them saying “Female athletes who train too hard and don’t eat enough” and then you say “Not all female athletes train too hard and starve themselves.”
    They didn’t say all athletes, they said the ones who train too hard and don’t eat enough. They aren’t attacking you.
    They are talking to people who hate their bodies so much that they don’t stop training and starving themselves until they are really in a bad way. People who have been made to feel, by the world, television, the music industry and their peers, that they are too big, and therefore unattractive and a failure.
    That is who the song is written for too. You have to allow for All About That Bass to respond to all of the negative body image stuff. I loved that song because it made me feel more confident in my over-weight body.
    I hope you can find your confidence in seeing all the very thin women on television, and in the music industry, and by seeing that it is the ideal size for many people. And find happiness in yourself and know that you are healthy, and you are the way that God made you.

    It would be really nice, I agree, to have an article to say, everyone is beautiful, fat, thin, tall and short.


  2. But I want to say that I agree that there should be an end to all negativity in articles, because if they would stop being negative, there wouldn’t be any worry of anyone getting so stressed that they stop eating and exercise themselves to death. I feel so sorry for those athletes who die when they are running a marathon. But articles like this don’t help anyone, they just make people like us feel bad about themselves, and what they should really do is write more articles which say that everyone is beautiful, just the way they are.


    1. My intent wasn’t to make others feel bad. It was to point out that sometimes when people are all for body acceptance they, sometimes without thinking, put others down in the process. I’ve heard throughout my life to go eat a sandwich, don’t you ever eat?, you look sickening, or when one time I decide to eat a salad people say no wonder you are so skinny. Then when I mention that it hurts my feeling people tell me to grow up and that my feelings don’t matter or I should be glad that I look the way I do.

      Looking back I should have added a few things like this to make my point. I apologize if it seemed that way. I just hope one day that whenever someone says something negative about anyone’s weight no matter what they look like is looked at as wrong.

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      1. Hi, I’m sorry I was defensive, I completely agree with you.

        I follow a size-acceptance blogger, who mostly blogs about being fat and how it is not bad to be fat, and she is really good at staying positive and not being negative about anyone. Sometimes people might say that they would rather be fat than thin, and she says that, while it’s good to be happy with your size, you should never be negative about any other size either. Because all sizes are wonderful, and I agree. 🙂


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