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Iron on a Vegan Diet? What?!?

So some of my family are currently freaking out because fruit snacks cause cancer. (I admit the colored dyes in food isn’t the least bit healthy for you and probably do cause cancer.) Talking to my family about this and they admit what is causing cancer and illnesses are things we are putting in our bodies. Yes! That is a correct step and is getting to the health reasons to eat a whole foods plant based diet with no or next to no processed foods. Yes there are ethical reasons too. But getting someone there with health is a great way to get them to understand the ethical issues too.

When talking about me not eating meat one family member started talking about an iron deficiency she has and how she needs to eat meat every day.

I did a quick google search to find that soy beans have 8.8mg of iron per cup. Not to mention the 6.6mg in a cup of lentils and the 6.4mg in a cup of spinach. One cup of diced or chopped chicken has 1.8mg of iron. So you would get way more iron eating soy than you do eating meat. And it helps prevent cancer. So why wouldn’t you eat soy instead?


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