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What I Eat in a Day/Nutritional Profile (Vegan)

11am (breakfast?): Grapes and 10oz of 100% apple juice.


2pm: 1 cup of cooked rice and some zucchini (leftovers from last night)


3pm: Mango


6pm: Spicy Orange Tofu, 1 cup rice and some zucchini.

Not pictured: 20 more oz of apple juice.

Disclaimer: I don’t usually eat soy on a daily basis and this is just an example of what I might eat. Also I know I should drink more.

Nutritional Profile (not everything):

1692 calories

40.3g of protein (about 103% of what I should be getting.)

24.1g of fiber

528.5mg of calcium

9.2mg of iron

4.7mg of maganese

271.5mg of magnesium

495.7mg of phosphorus


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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