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My Problem with Weight Loss Programs

One of my facebook friends keeps talking about this weight loss program she’s on. And it seems like a really expensive program. So I decided to look into the person that’s heading the program with a quick Facebook search. This person is not trained in nutrition or health or medicine. She has a business degree. I don’t know about you but I’d rather take my health and nutritional questions and take advice from someone with a degree or at the very least some sort of certification in nutrition. Because maybe you’re losing weight now but what happens when you get off the program. And how can you be sure that you are getting all the proper nutrients from said diet.

You shouldn’t start a weight loss program from a person who isn’t a doctor or trained in nutrition, for your overall health. Also, unless it’s a doctor, weight loss programs shouldn’t be several hundred a month. You can do it yourself, with your doctor, without buying expensive pre-made meals. That once you get off the program, because you can’t stay on it forever, most of the time you start to gain it back and sometimes you gain more than you start with.

Instead of looking at short term weight loss programs maybe change your lifestyle. It’s going to take quite a bit longer to lose weight but you will keep the weight off.

Some really good plant based doctors you should look at is Dr. John Mcdougall or Dr. Michael Greger.

(Disclaimer: Talk to your doctor before you decide to do something dramatic with your lifestyle and diet.)


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