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Daily Vegan Eating


Woke up around 10am and had a granny smith apple (not pictured) for breakfast. Then went to both Smart and Final and Rite Aid to get groceries and toliet paper (a necessity in life).


Had one of these Annie Chun’s microwavable meals. Not sure if all of Annie Chun’s are vegan but this one and the miso soup that I bought had vegan labeled on the front. Also drank a Snapple. Then watched Perfect Sisters on Netflix, a really good movie that I have wanted to watch for a long time. Accidently read the assignment for this week last week. Opps. So I have no reading or homework due this week. 🙂 Go movie time.

Workout Time:

Did about 17 minutes on the bike thing at the gym and 35 minutes on the treadmill. Funny that the first picture says eat. I have no idea what it was scrolling across after the workout got finished. Because no where in ‘workout finished’does eat come up.

Post Workout Snack:




Some supergrain pasta with pasta sause, pinto beans and broccoli.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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