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Veganism Misconceptions

Misconception 1: How do you know if someone is a vegan? Don’t worry they’ll tell you.

To be completely honest in my real life (not blog or youtube life) I don’t tell people I’m vegan unless it is absolutely necessary. For example if I’ll be on set I might tell craft services that I’m vegan. Or, depending on who is craft services or how long the shoot is, I will bring my own food with me and snack of the variety of fruits that are on set. No one questions this.

The people who know I’m vegan figure it out themselves. A lot of people at school somehow figure out I’m vegan because maybe one time I said no thanks to pizza and had to explain myself. But then again, depending on the situation and person, I might just say that I’m not hungry or that I already ate.

Not that I don’t want to spread this message but I find that dealing with idiots sometimes gets really annoying and I’d rather not.

Misconception 2: Veganism is so hard.

The more mainstream veganism is the easier it becomes. Although I do like to keep it as whole foods as I can possibly make it, it doesn’t mean that sometimes I eat junk food. Doritos are my favorite (the Spicy Sweet Chili ones are vegan.) Mac and cheese is my go to junk meal, there are plenty of boxed variety of mac and cheese. Eating out is increasingly getting easier and easier. Cafes have plant-based milks, veggie burgers are becoming more and more common (but beware sometimes the veggie burgers aren’t actually vegan as they have eggs or dairy in them. A tip: look at the nutritional facts at a restaurant if the veggie burger has cholesterol in it, not vegan.)

Misconception 3: Veganism is so expensive.

Yes it can be expensive if you only buy food at organic health stores. But go to any ordinary grocery store, beans and rice are among one of the cheapest things there. Buying in season fruit also helps to cut costs down. Frozen veggies are typically less expensive than fresh vegetables.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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