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What Veganism is Vs. What it is Not

BBC released a documentary on clean eating that basically puts veganism in this negative light. That vegans are restrictive people who don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, refined sugar, oil, processed foods. Their view of veganism is people who are “clean eaters” who only eat whole plant foods. Although I believe that whole plant foods the most healthy vegan diet it isn’t what makes you a vegan.

Veganism is a lifestyle not a diet. First and foremost. It’s a way of living that reduces, as much as humanly possible, other being’s suffering. I say as much as humanly possible because unless you personally grow your own food, make your clothes, and live in a hut in the middle of nowhere, you are going to unintentionally cause some kind of suffering to another being. And not everyone can do this.

You can eat skittles and cupcakes, drink pop and still be just as much a vegan as someone who eats raw fruits and vegetables. It has nothing to do with what kind of food you eat or whether you eat healthy or not.

This, in my opinion, is one of the major reasons why people are turned off of a vegan diet. Because documentaries like this, big vegan Youtubers (not all of them just a select few) puts vegans and veganism in this restrictive you can only eat raw foods way.


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2 thoughts on “What Veganism is Vs. What it is Not

  1. I saw that doc and I don’t remember them even mentioning the idea of veganism from an animal rights perspective! It classed veganism as a faddy diet based on dubious nutritional advice, like the clean eating trend. 😦

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