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Living with an “Invisible” Disease

Imagine you only have so many straws a day. And the number of straws vary each day with no rhyme or reason. One day you could have hundreds of straws but the next day only like 7. Some days I can run a mile, like this morning, or two miles, yesterday. But there are days I can barely get enough energy to get myself out of bed in the morning. Hopefully this really good streak continues because I feel amazing.

Some days I go out with friends and do things with people. Other days, when I can, I stay home and chill on the couch watching Netflix. If I can’t because of class or work I power through it. Then I go home and chill on the couch.

However, I don’t look like I have a chronic condition from birth. I’m not in a wheelchair, I don’t use a walker, and I’m not connected to medical things. Technically I have a medical thing but it is inside of me so you don’t see it. I see an ungodly amount of doctors and specialists. But I look perfectly healthy from the outside.

I was born with a little thing called congenial heart disease/defects. Basically it’s heart disease present from birth because of some kind of genetic issue or the way I was formed in my mother’s womb. No one really has any reason why it happens to some kids. It just does. I have a pacemaker, a great device that regulates my heart beat. Thank you whoever it was that invented that.

If you have an invisible chronic disease can you relate? If not I hope you can relate to people and not think it’s rude of them for randomly canceling on you.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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