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Veganism is Embedded in All of Us

While watched Finding Dory last week I realized that a lot of children’s animated movies from my childhood are with the same animals that people eat. No one wants to see Babe turn into bacon yet people eat Babe all the time. The hunter in Bambi is the villain, yet some of the same people who cried when Bambi’s mother was shot go out and shoot Bambi’s mother themselves. People want the chickens in Chicken Run to escape and not be eaten, yet people eat these chickens sometimes while watching Chicken Run. I know I did when I was younger. I watched these movies but ate the animals that were portrayed in those movies sometimes at the same time.

There is a disconnect between what people truly believe and what they do. Most people don’t want to see an animal suffer. Most people would put a stop to the suffering if they see it on the street even at the risk of their own lives. Yet most people eat meat, dairy and eggs. There needs to be this connection made. Everyone has the values of veganism embedded in them. They just need to stop being selfish and think about what they are doing.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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