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And They Say Veganism is Restrictive

One of my friends pinned this diet on Pinterest so decided to take a look at it. And oh my God this is the most restrictive diet I’ve seen in ages. You’re only allowed to have vegetables after the first 10 days but then you are only allowed vegetables every other day. And you can only eat carrots in moderation. Because my God carrots are the thing that makes you fat. You can’t eat bananas, dried fruit or cherries. Two servings of starches a week. And avoid potatoes. That and small portion sizes.

My God I’d die on this diet. Yes you are going to lose weight but that’s because you are starving yourself. And no one will stick to this diet long term. No can. The sad thing is that it seems that a lot of people follow this diet. Looking at the comments people are complaining about headaches on the diet. And not just one person. Several people. I wonder why.

This is the kind of things that creates eating disorders. I suggest eating an abundance of plant foods. You will lose weight but not quickly. It will take a while to get to the weight that you want. No once I have felt that veganism is restrictive. I mean with the ethical stance I don’t see meat/dairy/eggs as food so I don’t miss them.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “And They Say Veganism is Restrictive

  1. You take a logical, educated approach to your diet and I appreciate that about all you’ve shared. A vegan diet is restrictive in one sense — but for you it appears to be freeing in another. Thank you for all your thoughtful posts.


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