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Amazing Benefits of Plants

A plant based diet is a diet composed of plants. Mainly whole plant foods but sometimes I like to eat Doritos (the purple bag) every once in a while. But one large bag lasts me 2 months because I only have one or two chips every once in a while. My junk food gets stale before I have a chance to eat it all. Here are some benefits that I’ve seen switching from a standard american diet of meat, eggs and dairy to a plant based diet.


My digestion is so much better. This may be a little TMI but I go after every meal and once in the morning. I used to be so constipated that I wouldn’t go for weeks and when I did go it was extremely difficult. Now I have to run to the bathroom (not a bad thing) a few hours after eating. This means that your digestion system works well. This is what it supposed to do.

I crave healthy food:

I used to crave things like candy, cookies, chips ect. Now I crave peas (random), apples, pineapple (a big one), peaches, rice, beans. I do eat cookies and candy every once in a while but not because I crave it. Oddly my period cravings changed dramatically too (also TMI)

I am happier:

This one I don’t understand at all. My anxiety went away for the most part. Sometimes I do have to take something for anxiety but that’s only every once in a while and not a daily thing anymore. Airports still get to me. And I’m more outgoing. Also not sure if that has anything to do with plant based diet or something else. If anyone has any articles or experience with this let me know I’d love to see if I’m not the only one.

I feel lighter:

So I didn’t lose any weight. But then again I have always been skinny so there really wasn’t any weight for me to lose without getting into the dangerously underweight area. I do eat a little more fats, like avocados and nuts, than most plant based people. But I just feel lighter especially after a meal. I can run on a treadmill after a meal (if I want to) without feel bogged down.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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