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Vegan Junk Food Haul


Next week is finals week so decided to get some food that I don’t normally get. I typically eat a whole foods diet but sometimes its nice to eat some junky food. So I was going to get soy milk at Smart and Final but decided to go to Starter Bros to get cashew milk instead.

Ended up getting more than just the milk. This always happens. Got some Ben & Jerry’s dairy free ice cream for the first time (I’ll let you guys know how it is after I eat some), cashew milk, silk soy yogurt, Gardein chicken tenders, Amy’s been burritos, and two Complete Cookies (double chocolate and snickerdoodle).

This is going to be a great finals week! Also found vegan chocolate chip cookies at an ice cream place near my school yesterday. If this is any indication on how my next two weeks are going to be, I’m going to have a great finals week.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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