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All Vegans Are…Insert Generalization Here

With this whole ape getting shot and killed because a child managed to get into the cage thing there are two different very loud opinions out there. One is the people, vegan or not, who are mad that the animal was killed. And then there’s the other view. With this other view there are plenty of people who are generalizing vegans and animal rights activists in a box.

That all vegans would rather save an animal than a child. That all vegans are totally against all zoos. People assume that all vegans are one in the same and that we love animals way more than people.

So here’s my opinion, as a vegan. And this opinion might surprise you. I understand why the ape had to be shot. Now if the child was being watched by the parents then this wouldn’t have happened. But in that particular situation, the child’s life was in danger and people had to make a choice. A choice that says that, yes animals are God’s creatures that have to be treated with respect, but a child is also extremely important and more important than the ape. Not saying that the ape’s life isn’t important. It is. It’s just that the child’s life is more important.

Yes, I’m not the hugest fan of zoos. But I see why the exist and if the zoo treats the animals with respect then I’m fairly ok with it. I’m not going to go to one, but given the fact that they do exist. We should be focusing more on treating the animals correctly and with the utmost respect.

Not all vegans are angry people who yell at you for consuming animal products. Some of them, including myself, lead by example. And not by yelling. Because more people will become vegan that way.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “All Vegans Are…Insert Generalization Here

  1. The ape should not have been caged to begin with. I can understand the upset on both sides. The ape was shot for being a danger to the child when the child was a danger to himself. Neither should have been there at all and now a beautiful and powerful creature has died at the hands of his keepers. Slavemasters I’d like to say. At the moment, the child’s life was threatened and in danger. They had to protect the child


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