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Vegan Day of Eating: Busy Day Edition

Ever had one of those days that you get so busy that food is the last thing on your mind? Today was one of those days.

Breakfast (9am)

At least my breakfast started out well with two oranges. It went downhill from there.


Lunch?? (12:30pm)

Went to school for a graduation meeting. Ya!!! Then I went to the store on my way back and got a few things. After I got home I sort of had lunch. Hummas and carrots while writing a paper. Only ate about maybe 8 of the baby carrots though.


No idea what you’d call it (3:30pm)

After writing a paper for an hour or two (lost track of how long I was working) I decided to take out the trash from upstairs and clean our kitchen. Not a random decision, we have room checks (supposed to be random but our resident director basically told us it was going to happen either tomorrow or Friday).  Then I looked at the clock and it was 3. Where did the time go? So made some pasta, added peas and pasta sauce. I usually have either whole grain or gluten free pasta but this was all I had in my pantry.


Throughout The Day

Been drinking a Mighty Mango Naked Juice throughout the day. Also you can see my roommate in the upper left corner of this picture. Lol. Didn’t realized that I got her in the picture until now. 🙂


Dinner (7pm)

Three corn tortilla shells with black beans, diced tomatoes/onions and hot sauce.


Late Night Snack Before Bed

Doritos! Found the vegan flavor everyone’s been talking about. And no I didn’t eat the entire bag. Had maybe 10-15 chips.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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