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Vegan Day of Eating

Breakfast (8am):

1 mango (with my mango stand-in decided to do a blog after I ate my mango), toast with peanut butter and a banana (1/2 on the toast, ate the other 1/2)


Lunch (11:30am): 

1 cup of supergrain pasta (gluten free), little over 1/2 cup sweet peas, and 1/2 cup of traditional pasta sauce. Half of a enjoy life dark chocolate for dessert, doesn’t have that many ingredients for a chocolate bar.


Mid-Afternoon Snack (2:30pm ish):

1 cup of blueberries. And a small 100 calorie bag of Plentil margherita pizza chips while watching an episode of Psych (best show ever!)


Dinner (6:30pm):

1 cup of brown rice, 4 mini corn tortilla shells topped with diced tomatoes and onions. Also a honey crisp apple.


Nutritional Info (Not all of them, ones that people say vegans are deficient in):

2,250 calories

49.8g of protein

13.5mg of iron

Also I’ve noticed that I tend to eat every 3-4 hours instead of 3 big meals a day.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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