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What’s in My (Vegan) Kitchen

If you’re unsure of how to stock your kitchen once going vegan, here’s what I have in my kitchen at the moment. The first two pictures are things that I bought today. The rest I already had in my kitchen.


  1. Two cans of peas, one can of black beans, hot sauce, traditional pasta sauce, rice angel hair pasta (gluten free), super grain pasta (gluten free)- bought today.


2. Six granny smith apples, two honey crisp apples, four oranges, two mangos, two bananas, bag of baby carrots, container of blue berries, pineapple, container of diced tomatoes and onions, Container of corn tortilla shells- bought today


3. Whole wheat bread (less than half), Just Mayo, two Gatorades, soy milk, vegetable stock, two corn tortilla shells, two granny smith apples, four enjoy life chocolate bars, apple sauce, taco bell hot sauce packets, earth balance butter


4. Penne rigate pasta, Warrior Blend Protein Powder, Gatorade Powder, Angel hair pasta, Egg Replacer, Cinnamon muffin container (vegan if you replace the eggs), Earth Balance mac and cheese, peanuts


5. An ungodly amount of Lara Bars and Cliff Bars. With two travel sized almond packets


6. Almond butter, chickpeas, maple syrup, Life cereal, brown rice, peanut butter, almost finished container of hot sauce


7. Six mini bags of Plentils chips (vegan and pizza flavored) 🙂


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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