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Skinny Shaming vs. Fat Shaming – There is No Difference

Skinny shaming: Saying every size is beautiful and bringing down a group of woman to do it.

I’m not a huge fan of DNCE, I mean I liked the Jonas Brothers but I don’t really listen to or care for DNCE or their music. Ashley Graham apparently is going to be Joe Jonas’ love interest in a music video. I say it’s great to see not ultra skinny girls playing love interests as well. But looking at some of the facebook posts on it, it’s clear to see that some (not all) people who are against saying someone is too fat are the same ones that say people are too skinny.

Bashing ultra skinny girls to make a point. I’ve heard many people in my life tell me I’m “too skinny”, that I need to eat a hamburger or if there was a strong wind I’d blow away. Or that I must have an eating disorder. But here’s the thing, I eat like a pig. I mean seriously I had a can of corn at around 9:30pm last night while watching Psych, after eating quite a bit for dinner. Also I hate exercising, so I don’t. Unless you count the almost mile I have to walk to and from school every day.

It’s not like I’m trying to be skinny. But I am thanks to an ultra high metabolism, and probably a vegan diet. But I was always super skinny growing up even before veganism. So I don’t think veganism did anything for me. And I’ve gained weight the last couple of years since become vegan which I’m really happy about.

If someone kept saying that a person needs to lose weight people would call them jerks. But for some reason it’s perfectly fine to say that someone needs to gain weight. Because it’s not like I feel highly uncomfortable when someone says that to me.

Maybe instead of bashing one group of people to build another group up, build everyone up. Because all woman are beautiful, even the naturally skinny ones.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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