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Down With Dairy


Saw this on my Facebook, several of my friends have shared this meme on their pages. Not sure if its a new meme or I’m just now seeing it. So here’s a little rundown on why vegans don’t consume dairy.

Whether or not the cow actually dies doesn’t make dairy any more or less bad. Even if cows didn’t die, which they do, it’s still a horrid practice. I mean imagine being forced to give birth and then after your baby is born he/she is taken away from you because he/she can’t be drinking up all the milk. NEWSFLASH: COWS ARE MAMMALS, LIKE HUMANS THE ONLY WAY THAT A COW CAN GIVE MILK IS IMMEDIATELY AFTER  A CHILD IS BORN. So the logical thing that would happen is the females being forced to give birth so that they can produce milk. That’s messed up.  I don’t care if the cow dies or not, just this fact alone makes dairy messed up.

But cows do die. Ever hear of veal? Veal is the baby male cow. Male cows aren’t useful in the dairy industry so either they are sold for veal or they are sold to cattle ranches to make beef. And the female cows don’t suffer a different fate. After several years their bodies give out. Way before a normal lifespan of a cow is supposed to be. Then said female cow is sold for cheap meat.

So cows do die from dairy. But even if they don’t this is still wrong and incredibly messed up. Especially since dairy is not needed to be consumed by humans. I mean humans are the only species in the world to drink breastmilk after infancy. It’s not ever their own breastmilk.

Hoped you liked my little rant. Looking at Facebook before studying for midterms and saw my friend shared this. So had to stop before studying to write a rant.

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One thought on “Down With Dairy

  1. Not only this, but cows raised for meat suffer the terrible agony of slaughter, whereas cows raised for milk suffer much longer- as you’ve said being impregnated, their children stolen, and it goes on for awhile. After that miserable existence, after they are sucked of any life they could have had, THEN they go t the slaughter house and experience all the same things as meat cows.

    Like, haha, no you don’t kill a cow to get milk, but you do rape them, kill their children, hook them up to painful machines to suck their milk out, and then you kill them when they can’t keep going. Obviously that’s a life worth living *sarcasm*


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