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Vegans Are Pushy Individuals

Haven’t written a blog in a while. One word college. If you are in college or if you’ve even been to college you’d understand. Taking five classes this quarter two of them production classes. So my entire weekends end up being filled with shooting stuff (on video of course because hunting is wrong). So without further ado…blog post.

I’ve been looking at Facebook comments on vegan posts lately. Bad idea. A lot of them say that vegans are “shoving their views” or are “pushy”. This is on a vegan Facebook page. Or a vegan’s YouTube video. No one is really making them watch the videos or see the facebook post.

But every time I walk out the door or, the rare occasions that I watch television (am a college student and our dorms don’t support cable also its expensive.) Most of the commercials are for meat, dairy or eggs. Either that or medicine to correct something because of the consumption of meat/dairy/eggs.

Maybe I want to watch my shows without seeing dead animals everywhere. But I don’t really have a choice. Unless I watch Netflix  but there are things I want to watch live or is not on Netflix (when I have access to cable). Or when I walk by a restaurant or see a billboard and they are advertising some new meat dish.

Do you want to know the number of people I’ve told that I’m vegan to this past month? None. For some reason people at school find out because maybe one time I said no thanks when there was a meat/dairy/egg dish offered and I had to explain myself. They bring it up, not me. Not once has the words “I’m vegan” or “you’re killing innocent beings” come out of my mouth. Because it’s been years I say ice cream when I mean vegan ice cream or chicken strips when I mean vegan chicken strips. I think this is a force of habit.

So who is pushy? Vegans or meat eaters?



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

One thought on “Vegans Are Pushy Individuals

  1. Absolutely 100% agree! I never say anything as a vegan and have had meat eaters try to make me eat meat. But we are the pushy ones!

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