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Dealing With Idiots

“But I could never be vegan.”

“I love meat too much.”

“But lions.”

“You can’t be a professional athlete and be vegan. That’s impossible.”


“The ability to eat meat made us develop into who we are today.”

These and many other comments will be told to you, or said next to you as a vegetarian or vegan. Even if non of those comments are legit or even correct. You say anything about meat eaters and you suddenly are being preachy. But it’s perfectly fine for a meat eater to say something to a vegetarian.

You’re going to have to deal with idiots who don’t want to research or look at actual facts. So shoot facts back to them. Have a list of facts to combat common comments about veganism. If they will listen to you. Sometimes they ignore the facts because they want to keep living their life the way they are.

Today in class two guys were talking about vegetarianism. They kept saying that professional athletes can’t be vegan, I mean its fine for some people but not for professional athletes. Because professional athletes can’t be vegan. But wait.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

3 thoughts on “Dealing With Idiots

  1. Also, Strongman Patrik Baboumian is Vegan (or vegetarian?). Oh, and Carl Lewis won several Gold Medals in the Olympics while Vegan- even after his athletic performance peaked, a time when many athletes decline, he won another Gold Medal for the long distance jump (Fact check me on that one). To say that you can’t be a professional athlete and Vegan is simply not true.

    But, as I’ve noticed, these people aren’t eating meat “for protein” or for any other reasons that they claim. More often than not, they are eating meat because they like it and want to; it’s as easy as that.


    1. Right. And there is a Chicago Bears player that is vegan. Not sure his name. Then the entire class started ripping on vegetarians and saying how veggie burgers are gross but somehow beef is not. And one of the guy’s girlfriend is vegetarian. I’m not sure about how the dating thing works but I’m fairly certian that making fun of your girlfriend’s lifestyle isn’t how it works.

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      1. It doesn’t: If I was dating a woman who started bashing veganism or vegetarianism, I would break up with her. Though, I doubt I could even start dating someone who didn’t share this core value of mine.


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