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Dropping Classes

Sometimes dropping a class for your mental/physical health (when you can) isn’t a bad thing. This will be the second college class in five years that I’ve dropped. Both happen to be journalism classes. Not sure if that says anything other than I will not be doing journalism upon graduating.

Currently taking five classes. I have seven classes left to take to graduate. Ya!!! Mostly classes that I just need to get the credits for. I only have two classes this quarter that is “required” for my degree. And two next quarter.  Just short on credits.

I wanted to divide those seven classes up four and three. Four classes one quarter, three classes the next. But the register somehow convinced me to do five and two. I guess because the fifth class is “free”.

So after much thought and a conversation with my mother, I’ve decided to drop Field Electronic News Gathering. My mom wanted me to think about it and make sure it was for the right reasons. That I wasn’t running away from something, other than my disdain for journalism. (I appreciate people who can do and who actually like journalism.) Funny my original plan was to do journalism but after doing it I found that I actually hate it. What college is for. Finding out what you hate.

UPDATE: Decided to stay in the class. 🙂 Hopefully this isn’t a horrible decision.


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2 thoughts on “Dropping Classes

  1. I went through college thinking I wanted to be an English teacher, until I started volunteering in a school. After that first day, I changed my mind! I stuck with the same subject but changed my career goal. I think you figure it all out as you go.


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