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What I Eat in a Day + Simple Lunch Recipe


Hot chocolate made with cashew milk and cacao powder. And life cereal with frozen blueberries and cashew milk.


The night before I took chickpeas and took the filmy outside off. It was time consuming, thankfully I did it the night before. Then I put it in my nutribullet for a few seconds until it came out to a powdery consistency. Any longer then it would become hummus. In the morning I put some in a bowl and added Just Mayo to it. Put it on a sandwich with a half on an avacado and lettuce. Also had about half of this thing of dried cranberries and peanuts.


After two three hour classes (Sound in Film Production and Field Electronic News Gathering) I was extremely hungry. My last class got out 20 minutes early so it gave me more than an hour to walk the 20 minutes home and eat dinner before a production meeting. Took three small corn tortilla shells and added beans and broccoli, that I cooked a few days ago, and hot sauce. Also had an apple. Was still hungry so used the rest of the avocado to make avacodo toast.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day + Simple Lunch Recipe

  1. You can actually just lay the chickpeas in a kitchen towel or so and like “massage” it a little (not sure how else to describe it haha) and most of the filmy outside will come off! 🙂

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