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Easy to be Vegan/Amy’s Kitchen Review

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Made Amy’s Enchilada wiith Spanish Rice and Beans for lunch today. Mainly because I had to read 200 pages for class (Catholic Social Teaching so not an easy 200 pages) and didn’t want to actually make food. I also wanted to see what it would taste like.

I love Amy’s foods because not only do they have vegan options but they also have vegan before the list of ingredients which saves a lot of time reading everything on the list to make sure it’s vegan. I’ve had their vegan mac and cheese before and their pizza but never this.

It was surprisingly good. I guess not surprisingly because their vegan mac and cheese was amazing! I wouldn’t eat in on a daily or weekly basis because of the amount of sodium in it but it’s a nice convenience food to have. And something to point to when someone says that it’s so hard to be vegan because there will be no options. There are options you just have to look for them. I found frozen waffles that happened to be vegan today. I just had to read the ingredients list of two other brands before I found it. With a little effort you can easily be vegan and not give up your favorite foods. 🙂


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

3 thoughts on “Easy to be Vegan/Amy’s Kitchen Review

  1. Amy’s mac and cheeze is the absolute best! I can’t find it locally any more but back when my grocery store had it I always bought it. Van’s gluten free waffles are vegan too!

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