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Carnism: The Basics


Carnism: the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat certain animals.-Dr. Melanie Joy.

It’s the reason why, while living in the US, you eat cows and pigs but not dogs or dolphins. Why people get disgusted when they realize that their hamburger has horse meat in it but not if it’s just beef.

One of my distant family members shared on Facebook a post about people who love animals are the greatest kinds of people. Or something like that. But on the same day she posted a recipe with beef.

It’s how we are conditioned. Children are naturally compassionate but with the right amount of conditioning these children grow up to adults who love animals but eat animals. People just don’t realize this because this is the way their parents ate, their grandparents ate. The way that they were taught.

But we need to unlearn and open our eyes.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

3 thoughts on “Carnism: The Basics

  1. The Carnism video by Dr. Joy is extremely though-provoking; I shared it with my partner (who although he loves eating vegetarian, still keeps “sneaking” bites of meat here and there), and now it’s much easier to talk with him about how his “cravings” are simply programmed, and we’ve been able to have good talks about what is at the root of that programming (and what is he ACTUALLY craving, so I can make it for him).

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    1. Bought her book when I first started transitioning from being vegetarian to vegan and it helped a lot. Especially to look at my life and what I ate for most of my life. Vegetarian was mainly for health reason with little backing in morals and ethics. And agree. My non-vegan family eats a lot of vegan products when I come to visit and none of them can tell the difference between meat and the vegan versions.

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