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Europe Adventures

Went to Europe for two and a half weeks over spring break. Was in the same vicinity as the Pope, ate a lot of pasta, and saw cool things!


Went to Goodman’s Field, a pub near our hostel. Ordered a bean burrito without cheese. And it was really good. Also had alcohol for the first time, I only drank a few sips of my brothers beer. I know I’m 22 and have never drank. And found out that I think alcohol is disgusting.


Went to the London Tower with our group and stopped by Starbucks to get a hot chocolate with almond milk.


Here’s a photo of Big Ben because why not.



Spent 6 days in rural Ireland. We were in cabins so we made our own food especially for dinner instead of eating out all the time. Bought some bread and jelly to make toast. And also got some spaghetti and sauce. Found this weird vegetable fingers that we had to try. Honestly it wasn’t bad. One of the people in the cabin made chili and made a vegan chili version so that I could eat it. 🙂 Love it when people are accommodating.


Went to Subway and found that Ireland has a veggie patty, I’m pretty sure that the States don’t have one. It wasn’t bad, but I prefer a veggie delight. Also found Irish soda, without high fructose corn syrup. Even the Mountain Dew that my brother got didn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it. The ones in the States always has that in the pop.



In Rome for another six days. And ate a lot of pasta. Like a lot. Because when you’re in Italy you have to eat pasta.


Also got several salads. Got the mixed salad and the baked potatoes (not pictured). It’s nice when restaruants label the fact that the food is vegan. So no questioning there.


Flight Home:

Flew home on Turkish Air and wasn’t very happy with them. They offer food on the plane and the options were either chicken or beef. I asked if there was a vegan option the first time getting food and the guy said that I had to order in ahead of time. So ate two very wimpy salads, I stole my brother salad.

Then the next time they came around with food I said no thanks. We only had two hours until we landed. He said that the meal was vegetarian so thought that the guy had a change of heart. Took the meal and when I opened it, it was beef. Definely not vegetarian. I guess since there was rice in the meal he figured that it was “vegetarian”. But the rice was in the same bowl as the beef and I didn’t want to eat rice when looking at and smelling a dead animal. So I didn’t eat it. So the only thing that I ate was the peanuts I brought at the airport in Rome and a Fanta.


Wrote a comment on the flight and sent it in. Hopefully they will get the message and it will make them think.


Went to Veggie Grill after landing for dinner. I was starving. Got the Chickin’ sandwich and fries. Didn’t take a picture of it but it was good. And the first time going to Veggie Grill.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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