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Trust Me It Gets Easier

At first becoming vegan was pretty hard. Don’t get me wrong it’s extremely rewarding. But things ranging from going to parties (the limited ones I go to), ordering at restaurants, a teacher bring free food to class, and any other thing that can come up can be pretty difficult at first. But after a while it becomes second nature. Going to the cafe by school and ordering a hot chocolate with almond milk, or ordering oatmeal with almond milk. Saying no thanks when someone offers me a non-vegan food. Quickly reading labels and knowing what to avoid. Being able to veganfy (probably not a word) any recipe that I find. I guess now the real test is going to Europe for spring break.



Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Trust Me It Gets Easier

  1. I hope you enjoy tour trip to Europe, you’ll be fine, in Southern Europe you will still find people who don’t understand what a vegan is, in Northern Europe, you’ll be in heaven, probably easier than North America


  2. While not a vegan, I recently had to make major dietary changes to prevent becoming diabetic some day. I can appreciate some of your temptations. Good luck to us! — Tony


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