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Cholesterol a Necessary Nutrient?

One of my Facebook friends are doing a healthy eating program called Healthy for Life. So I downloaded the free ebook to see what it is about. Some of the things that they say are true. Read the labels and eat things with the least amount of ingredients as possible. Cut out processed foods.

Then there are parts that are not true and don’t make any sense.  Quotes like, “Cholostrol is required by our bodies but has been blamed for issues that it is not really responisble for.” And “That’s right, eating foods like eggs that contains animal cholesterol, doesn’t mean that it remains as cholesterol in your body.” “Eating cholesterol doesn’t raise your cholestrol.” Red meat is not bad for you because protien and iron.

“Butter is a natural whole food that is good for you.” Also eating too much fiber can irritate your digestive system. I’ve been vegan for over a year and my digestive system hasn’t been better. I mean unless you think that going multiple times a day is irritating. It can be annoying at times. But it feels great.

What? A Cardiologist is one of the doctors behind this. Maybe they should watch the documentary Forks Over Knives and Plant Pure Nation.


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One thought on “Cholesterol a Necessary Nutrient?

  1. I think sometimes doctors are so blinkered by Western food traditions (i.e. eat your meat and 2 veg and all will be fine) that they can ignore research that’s staring them right in the face! It still feels like no matter how much research the WHO release, medical professionals just look the other way or say it can’t be right. Change is slow!!

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