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Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares Review

To be honest this wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever tasted. They’re not  bad. But it isn’t something that I will eat on a daily or even monthly basis. I have two boxes of these so I will be snacking on these from time to time, maybe a handful here and there (to be honest I should have bought one to see if I liked it before buying more but I digress.)

I haven’t had cheese crackers since I went vegan over a year ago. So this is the first time in forever that I have eaten this (or something like this.) Maybe its because I don’t normally eat processed foods and my palette has changed thoughout the last year. And if I ate these right after becoming vegan I might actually have really liked them.

But they taste really cheesy. Another thing that I have had maybe one vegan frozen pizza and bought one vegan shredded cheese (that I threw away cause it tasted disgusting.) Like overpoweringly cheesy. I haven’t had much good experience with good vegan cheeses. They all just don’t taste “right” so I don’t typically eat them.

This is a really good product for someone who is just starting out as vegan and who needs familiar products.

To be clear Earth Balance makes really good (like really good) butter that tastes just like dairy butter. Seriously you can’t tell the difference, and neither could my non-vegan family when I grabbed this butter instead of their regular butter.


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