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Perceived Healthy

In my marketing class we had “Healthy Choice” as an example. If you don’t know what that is its a frozen food company. Now with a title with the word healthy in it would seem like their products are good for you. Right? Well not exactly.

All of the products have meat in it. Mostly as the main ingredient. Some examples of their products are beef pot roast, lemon herb chicken, and meatballs. They even have a low carb options of meat and a little bit of vegetables.

The World Health Organization (WHO) put out a report that red and processed meat can cause cancer. Now WHO isn’t just a hippie organization that wants people to eat less meat because of animal rights. Its the World Health Organization that the United Nations use. They do studies that are not funded by any industry. They seem like a good source to use.

Dietary cholesterol has a direct link to heart disease and heart attacks. The more your cholostrol is, the more likely you are to have a heart attack. So this would mean that eating no cholesterol is the healthiest option.

Unfortunately, people aren’t informed. They get their food choices from what is on the television and what is marketed to them as healthy. And the major industries (meat, dairy, egg) fund research and market their products as healthy. So if a label says that it is healthy, people will assume that its healthy. Even when its not.

My tip is to avoid foods that have a television commercial. Unless it’s almond milk (or another plant based milk.) But I would love a TV commercial for broccoli.


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3 thoughts on “Perceived Healthy

  1. Billboards too…also reading labels is a good habit to get into, been doing it 19 years since I became veg. I read labels on everything I buy & not just food–everything but I have been known to slip up..but noone’s perfect. Processed foods, especially ‘tv dinners’ have a ton of ‘crap’ ingredients, especially if it’s meat, egg or dairy based. It’s vile & disgusting.


  2. My sister just finished writing her dissertation on how media skews our perceptions of what is “healthy”. I’d never really thought about it before, but once you start looking you realise there are adverts everywhere for meat-based “healthy” processed foods. I think posts like this go a long way to help people understand what they’re really eating!! 🙂

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