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Tips to Survive College

1. Sleep: This might be obvious but it is really important. Go to bed early. It’s better to be well rested than to pull an all nighter studying.

2. Say no: Sometimes you get into the groove of saying yes to everything. Especially when it would be a good opportunity for you in the future. Don’t try and do it all. When I first went to college I said yes to every opportunity that came up. Then I was swamped with homework, stress and things that, although it would be a good opportunity, wouldn’t make that big of a difference in applying for jobs later on.

3. Treat yo-self: Whether it is vegan ice cream, chocolate, cupcakes, watching your favorite TV show, cooking, ect. Your mental health is very important.

4. Eat healthy: Although you should treat yourself, you shouldn’t eat nothing but chips, pop, oreos and candy. Even if it is vegan. You will feel better if you eat better.

5. Don’t be afraid to spend time alone: watching a movie, writing in your journal, playing a musical instrument, listening to music. Being alone helps you to love yourself.

6. Don’t be afraid being single: Not saying that you shouldn’t try and find your future husband/wife in college but college isn’t the only place you will and can meet them. You may meet them at work, at church, through a mutual friend. If you are single by the time graduation rolls around, don’t worry you won’t die alone. Even if all your friends are married, engaged, in committed relationships or have kids already.


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One thought on “Tips to Survive College

  1. Great list! I’m glad you put sleep as number 1.

    On number 3, there are plenty of ways to improve mental health that don’t add unnecessary calories which must be burned or stored! On number 6, be single as long as possible. We all die alone, even when we’re married.

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