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$20 a Week

I’m a college student. Which means I don’t have that much money to pay for food each week. Especially when I’m going to Europe for spring break. I typically spend $20-$30 a week on food. For the entire week. I do have some staple foods that is already in the pantry. So this week I had a container of oatmeal already in the pantry (thanks mom.) But for the most part I eat what I buy each week.

  1. Rice: I typially buy a box of rice that costs $3. This box will last me the week.
  2. Beans: Cans of beans typically cost $0.89 per can.
  3. Vegetables: I always buy some sort of potato. Whether that is yams (a little more expensive) or red/white potatoes (the cheaper option). Then the other vegetables are whatever is on sale or is the cheapest. Sometimes that’s fresh green beans, zucchini, broccoli.
  4. Fruit: Oranges have been on sale where I live. So a lot of oranges. Apples tend to be relatively inexpensive too. When blueberries or blackberries are on sale I will buy those too.
  5. Peanut butter: A weekly staple.
  6. Juice of some kind: lemonade, orange juice.
  7. Plant based milk: I only use it to make oatmeal or to cook so one container of milk lasts me two weeks. Either almond milk or soy milk. I also like cashew milk but I haven’t been able to find larger containers of it, only the smaller containers.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “$20 a Week

  1. Would it surprise you to learn that I feed six hungry faces at home on a $125/week grocery bill? It would be less if my farmer or backyard was also providing fresh veggies. We only dine out once per week, usually for lunch (better menu choices, cheaper). Can ONLY do that eating veggies.


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