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News Years Resolutions

I’m a little late to the party on blogging about New Years Resolutions. Last year my New Years Resolution was to become vegan from vegetarian. And that happened!!!! So this year I decided to have 3 resolutions. Since I seem to be determined to keep resolutions.

The first is to eat mostly whole plant foods. Although I’ve been vegan for a year, my diet hasn’t always been the healthiest. Cutting out processed foods like bread, bagels, candy, pop,ect.

The second resolution is to exercise more and get into an exercise routine. I got a Garmin Smart Watch for Christmas. It records the number of steps you take in a day. Will be a great motivator for me. Especially since my mom got one for herself too.

Losing weight isn’t really a “new years resolution” but I hope it comes with the first two resolutions.

The third is to start blogging more. At least 3 or 4 blogs a week.

What’s your resolutions? And do you usually keep them?


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

3 thoughts on “News Years Resolutions

  1. I too am a little late to the New Year’s Resolutions party; I just posted mine today as well, lol! Congrats on becoming Vegan, that is awesome!! This year I am taking my family’s taste buds on an adventure! I am getting out of my food rut and introducing at least one new cultural cuisine a week….it should be interesting to see what I come up with for week 50-52, haha! Best of luck on your resolutions! Cheers!


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