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Questions Every Vegan Asks (To Themselves)

  1. Why doesn’t anyone ask me how I’m feeling on my vegan diet? That would clear a lot of things up with family/friends.-” I feel amazing both physically and emotionally/mentally. My anxiety is almost non-exsistent, I don’t have migraines anymore, not constipated anymore, my relationship with food is much better, overall I feel like a better version of myself.”
  2. Why is it ok for non-vegans to comment on my food choices but God forbid I comment on theirs?- Then WW3 would start.
  3. Why doesn’t everyone realize that there is more to vegan diets than salads?-I mean seriously, there are an abundance of different fruits/vegetables/grains/beans/nuts/seeds/legumes.
  4. Why do people think that vegan and gluten free is the same thing?
  5. Why do people who drink alcohol a lot (not saying drinking is bad but getting drunk almost every night is bad for your health) or people who drink a lot of pop and fast food think it’s perfectly fine to say that my diet is bad for my health?
  6. Why do people think that eating an abundance of fresh fruit/vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds is bad for your health?
  7. Why do people think that meat, dairy, and eggs are good for your health?
  8. Why do some people become expert nutritionalists when you mention you are vegan?

What other questions about non-vegan have you always asked yourself?


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

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