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Personalities and How To Use Them For Good

Currently reading a really good book called “Wired That Way” by Marita Littauer about understanding and maximizing your personality type. I already knew from previous books and tests that I am a combo of peaceful phlegmatic and perfect melancholy.

I tend to be quiet (both), typically avoid conflict (phlegmatic), perfectionist (melancholy), likes stability (melancholy), makes long term goals/high standards (melancholy), detailed orientated (melancholy), hidden will of iron (phlegmatic), closed off (melancholy), easy going (phlegmatic), sympathetic/keeps emotions hidden (phlegmatic), likes to stay in the background (melancholy), creative (melancholy).

I used to think that those things were bad and flaws. But through time I found that everyone brings something different to the table. If everyone were the same life would be really boring. And everyone would have the same job, which wouldn’t work. Figuring out how to use the strengths of your personality and overcome the weaknesses is better than trying to change yourself. It took me until I was well into college until I realized this.

Something everyone should look into.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

2 thoughts on “Personalities and How To Use Them For Good

  1. You should look into MBTI!! It’s based off of Carl Jung’s theories and pretty much described me down to a T!!

    If you want to take the test, its at this site:

    If you want to know, I’m an INFJ and it’s like they wrote a book about me!! Sooooooooo accurate. I’m curious to know what you are, since you are also a Vegan =P

    (If you take the test [it only takes like 5-10 minutes and its free], you can go to this place ( and read all about your type. Let me know what you are =]

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