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When is it “Necessary” to Consume Animal Products

In my moral theology class today we talked about using animals for food/clothing. And the general consensus in the Catholic Church is it’s permissible but unnecessary harm to animals is wrong.

But in a country where access to other alternatives are readily available. When there is no nutrient you get from meat/dairy/eggs that you can’t get from plants. In reality, you are better off, healthwise, if you did eat just plants. Is eating meat/wearing fur really necessary and needed?

Yes, if we lived in a time or place where we had to hunt our own food or clothe ourselves from the animals we hunt. Where supermarkets wern’t around, and where there wasn’t another option. I.E. living in extreme cold weather where planting food wouldn’t work. Then yes eating animals would be necessary for our survival.

But in America, England and other 1st world countries this isn’t the case. You go to the grocery store and you have a lot of different options to choose from.


Passionate vegan. Catholic.

4 thoughts on “When is it “Necessary” to Consume Animal Products

  1. Correct, but it is not just climate, it is technological progress. Our forebears depended on animals for labour, to plough the fields; and for transport. The internal combustion engine has superseded those needs. The synthetic materials used to make vegan shoes and clothing are by-products of the petrochemical industry. I shan’t labour the point any further as I have already put it here:

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  2. I liked this post, but personally I don’t think it’s okay to eat animal products under any circumstance. Think about it this way, would it be okay in any situation to consume a human’s flesh? We are animals, so technically…


  3. Excellent point! This is exactly the argument proposed on my !

    We do not need to harm animals for our survival. Of course, I believe humans are more valuable because I am a human- it’s my own species. I don’t know any person who would choose to save an animal over a human, religious or not. But this does not mean, in any way, that animals do not mater.

    An excellent book on this is, “Eat Like You Care”

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